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Take the Route 66 Landmarks and Attractions Quiz to test your knowledge about the golden age of Route 66, its decline, what you can find along the route today, and what it symbolizes. Discover the charm of the past with this interactive quiz!

Route 66 Landmarks and Attractions Quiz

Have you ever wondered about the rich history that lies within the heart of America's most iconic highway, Route 66? If you're a history buff or simply a curious traveler, our Route 66 Landmarks and Attractions Quiz is a fun and interactive way to test your knowledge. But the journey doesn't stop there. Let's dive deeper into the captivating allure of Route 66 and the treasures it holds.

Route 66, often referred to as the Main Street of America, is more than just a road. It's a symbol of America's pioneering spirit, embodying the essence of freedom, exploration, and discovery. The highway's golden age, from the 1930s to the 1960s, was a time of prosperity and growth, but also a time of change. The construction of the Interstate Highway System marked a turning point, leading to the decline of Route 66. Yet, the spirit of Route 66 lives on.

Today, Route 66 is a nostalgic journey through America's past. Along the route, you'll find a treasure trove of restored diners, vintage cars, and Route 66 memorabilia. It's a living museum, showcasing the charm and character of a bygone era. But what's more, it's a haven for antique enthusiasts.

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So why not take a trip down memory lane? Explore the history of Route 66, test your knowledge with our quiz, and discover the charm of the past with us at Route 66 West. We invite you to discover the unique antique items that have been discovered along this iconic highway. After all, every journey along Route 66 is a journey into the heart of America's past.